Hi! let's snip and sew

Hi! let's snip and sew
I'm Sandi, I find fashion to be very intimate, I redesign for the sake of repurposing my wardrobe. Now! Let's Snip & Sew

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making My Earrings Into Rings

Accessories are an integral part to creating a complete wardrobe.
My boyfriend gave me this pair of gold Hawaiian-style earrings from his homeland, for my birthday. I thought they were lovely, however, I don't wear hoop earrings so I put them away. But they were so beautiful, that I wanted to make them part of my wardrobe so I decide to wear them as rings. In and out of my closet they went.
First, I bent the earrings to make sure they fit my fingers. 
Soon after, I decided the earrings would work perfectly as cuff's, so I removed the stems,
 Amazingly, I was right! They work perfectly.
 Now I have beautiful matching gold cuff rings from Hawaii. 
In the future, I will take them to my jeweler and have the stems sealed permanently into "rings" to complete an everlasting piece.
For now they fit perfectly, I wear them everyday with no fuss. This style is today's must have, yet a recurrent trend that I feel will last forever! 

See you next week. 

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