Hi! let's snip and sew

Hi! let's snip and sew
I'm Sandi, I find fashion to be very intimate, I redesign for the sake of repurposing my wardrobe. Now! Let's Snip & Sew

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make it Black

Spring into Summer Wardrobe 
I received this dress last year from a loved one. I wore it once to a birthday dinner but couldn't find another occasion to wear it again. So I took it out of my closet and dreamt up a new way to wear it for the summer.     
FRONT: Snip Snip the pink must go.
MIDDLE: I used a basic rolled-hem technique, all around the top and the bottom of the mid cut. I have to admit, sewing where the pleats are I found to be a bit tricky but in the end it came out just how I envisioned.    
BACK: Sew the zipper and extra fabric together 

I now find many occasions to wear this dress, you can 
never go wrong with having another little black dress in 
your closet.

**See you next time** 

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