Hi! let's snip and sew

Hi! let's snip and sew
I'm Sandi, I find fashion to be very intimate, I redesign for the sake of repurposing my wardrobe. Now! Let's Snip & Sew

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make it Black

Spring into Summer Wardrobe 
I received this dress last year from a loved one. I wore it once to a birthday dinner but couldn't find another occasion to wear it again. So I took it out of my closet and dreamt up a new way to wear it for the summer.     
FRONT: Snip Snip the pink must go.
MIDDLE: I used a basic rolled-hem technique, all around the top and the bottom of the mid cut. I have to admit, sewing where the pleats are I found to be a bit tricky but in the end it came out just how I envisioned.    
BACK: Sew the zipper and extra fabric together 

I now find many occasions to wear this dress, you can 
never go wrong with having another little black dress in 
your closet.

**See you next time** 


      Dye-My Blazer 
Today's look is easy and fun to do. I took this white see-through flower pattern blazer, and dye-it!
First, I cut the seams out...
Then I dye, wrap and soak for eight hours...
And poof, I have a freshly-dyed orange blazer. All that was left, is to sew the seam back in and enjoy a fun new wearable outfit 'out of my closet'.

I'm very happy with the outcome, in the future I will Tie-dye this blazer again to further enhance the color.

If you dare, scope out your closet and find a piece to dye, it will make you smile.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making My Earrings Into Rings

Accessories are an integral part to creating a complete wardrobe.
My boyfriend gave me this pair of gold Hawaiian-style earrings from his homeland, for my birthday. I thought they were lovely, however, I don't wear hoop earrings so I put them away. But they were so beautiful, that I wanted to make them part of my wardrobe so I decide to wear them as rings. In and out of my closet they went.
First, I bent the earrings to make sure they fit my fingers. 
Soon after, I decided the earrings would work perfectly as cuff's, so I removed the stems,
 Amazingly, I was right! They work perfectly.
 Now I have beautiful matching gold cuff rings from Hawaii. 
In the future, I will take them to my jeweler and have the stems sealed permanently into "rings" to complete an everlasting piece.
For now they fit perfectly, I wear them everyday with no fuss. This style is today's must have, yet a recurrent trend that I feel will last forever! 

See you next week. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

As simple as 1. 2. 3.

This dress was from my last-minute shopping excursions before my holiday travels last December. I came across this very simple dress from H&M, which I love. I enjoy H&M and enjoy shopping there once in a while, the downside however is that I'm not surprised when the person next to me is wearing the same thing.

Collars were trendy, so I decided to make it my own by putting one on this dress. I decided to use gold to give it a festive soft look. 

I was happy with this look although I haven't worn it. I think it's time for me to Snip&Sew this dress once again!